Volume 8, Issue 48                            August 26, 2009

This Week's Web Highlight:

Charting a Course to Success

Managing for Engagement—Communication, Connection, and Courage.  In a newly released report, the U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board identifies the specific performance management practices that drive employee engagement.

What Are the Latest Employment-Law Decisions?  Bob Gregg, partner in Boardman Law Firm, shares his roundup of diversity-related legal issues.

Typewriters to Texting: Recruit, Retain and Communicate Across the Generation Gap.  Talent managers who think they can attract Xers and millennials with fabulous retirement benefits plans that kick in after five years of tenure with the company need to think again.

Work/Life Programs Thrive During Recession.  Employer-based survey results, actual practices and several new bills support the notion that being a flexible employer tends to pay off for the business, as advocated by Ellen Galinsky, president of the Families and Work Institute.

How to Find Jobs at Diversity-Friendly Companies.  Focusing your job-hunting efforts on companies genuinely committed to diversity makes sense: You'll be more engaged if your employer's values are aligned with your own. But how can you check out a company to make sure it is diversity-friendly?

MSPB Says Vet's Case Against Federal Internship Program Has Legal Merit.  The Merit Systems Protection Board has ruled that a disabled Veteran can legally challenge the government's career internship program, reversing a 2008 decision by an administrative judge.

Why Does Diversity Matter at College Anyway?  Aaron Thompson, professor of sociology at Eastern Kentucky University and coauthor (with Joe Cuseo) of Diversity and the College Experience, offers eight reasons why diversity matters at college.

5 Things NEVER to Say to Muslim Coworkers.  To help you avoid offending Muslim colleagues now and throughout the year, here are five things not to say.

Women, Minorities Face Special Hurdles in Job Market.  A new study from North Carolina State University shows that White men receive significantly more tips about job opportunities than women and racial minorities—particularly among people in upper management positions.

AT&T vs. Apple: Check Out Company Web Sites for Diversity Before Applying.  How can you tell if a company is genuinely committed to diversity? One critical way is to look at its Web site.

Population Segments Differ on Perceptions of Cognitive Health.  A new special issue of The Gerontologist has identified for the first time how ethnically, culturally, linguistically, and geographically diverse groups think about aging and brain health.

The Origin of Hatred.  Functional magnetic resonance imaging has begun to reveal how the strong emotion starts to emerge in the brain.

How Is Unemployment Affecting Veterans?  Get the answer and other facts here on this growing demographic.

Facial Expressions Show Language Barriers, Too.  People from East Asia tend to have a tougher time than those from European countries telling the difference between a face that looks fearful versus surprised, disgusted versus angry, and now a new report explains why.

Head Lines: Practice Removes Prejudice—And More.  New research found a link between such implicit (unconscious) bias and the “other-race effect”—the fact that we can distinguish faces of our own race better than other-race faces.

Female Supervisors More Susceptible to Workplace Sexual Harassment.  Women who hold supervisory positions are more likely to be sexually harassed at work, according to the first-ever, large-scale longitudinal study to examine workplace power, gender, and sexual harassment.

Six Myths and Barriers to Inclusion for the Disabled.  There are several myths and barriers that block people in this group from taking a spot in the workforce, and these have contributed to confusion about their capabilities in the marketplace.

Research Examines Stereotypes of Immigrants to the United States.  A study examined four different regions that U.S. immigrants represent, and measured opinions in a state that is not affected by high numbers of immigrants.

Study: Higher Education Playing Bigger Role in Gender Wage Gap.  While higher education has helped women narrow their long-running wage gap with men, there is one college-related factor that has becoming increasingly important in perpetuating that gap.

Tips for Employers to Safeguard Against Workplace Bullying.  Workplace bullying is a type of harassment that has been estimated to affect 37% of today’s workforce according to a recent Zogby International survey.

Do Men and Women Handle Crises Differently?  According to Davia B. Temin, president and CEO of Temin & Co. Inc., a strategic marketing, public affairs, and crisis management firm, each gender does share certain tendencies.

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